What You Should Know About CRM Marketing Automation

Your potential customers are not buyers (yet). They can stay with you for some time and disappear as if they have never heard about your company. While you may be an interesting product or a service provider for them, they’ll visit your website, try out several your offerings, look through the menu, check your services and so forth. But as soon as they feel bored, you will be abandoned. Moreover, your potential buyers may simply get into a muddle with what they want to purchase – and you will lose them despite all your efforts.

What You Should Know About CRM Marketing Automation

If you want to save all your existing clients and obtain a number of new ones, use CRM Software. Top marketers confess that such platforms let them get all of the necessary data about their consumers, track it throughout the path of their interactions, and convert these people from leads into successful deals. Bpm’online is one of such like systems. It is an organically integrated product providing businesses a circumspect integration of marketing, sales and service. If you are interested in this software, read more about it here – https://www.bpmonline.com/marketing.

Advantages of having CRM Marketing Automation Software

Why do companies apply to these platforms? The answer is evident: sales departments and customer service teams of such businesses use special software in order to optimize their interaction with the customers. It lets marketers increase the sales level and make buyers satisfied with what they’ve purchased. The advantages of CRM marketing automation include the following:

  • The specialists of your department can see where a consumer is in the sales funnel and help them make the transaction, if necessary.
  • When using CRM software, you will offer people targeted promotional materials, which have more chances to develop a trust-based relations between your client and your company.
  • When communicating with buyers you will have an entire gamut of who they are, what they need and how they interact with your company. All this will help you make the dialogues as successful as possible.
  • A number of CRM marketing automation platforms can synchronize with social media, so that your salesmen can keep track of each consumer and see which outlets give you the most traffic.
  • Onу more advantage of this software is that it can send internal notifications to every member of your team. Now you will not forget about the calls scheduled, the client’s accounts which have to be renewed and so on. You will even remember about customers’ birthdays – and always ready to congratulate the celebrant.

Overall, CRM marketing automation helps businesses secure their sales by means of making this process more personal, effective and simply customer-oriented.

What You Should Know About CRM Marketing Automation

Common mistakes made when working with CRM platforms

It may sound a bit strange, but even if you implement such systems, you can still get nowhere. It happens when people do not pay enough attention to the choice of software and no not leverage all its features and functions. Here are five common mistakes marketing professionals make while applying to CRM marketing automation tools:

Choosing the software that doesn’t suit the company’s needs

Top marketers note that it is the biggest fault their colleagues make: they choose the platform, which doesn’t have all the functional capabilities they need. In order to evade this problem, plan the general overview of your sales strategy before buying any software.

Selecting the platform that doesn’t correspond your budget

If you do not want to make a mistake when choosing a CRM marketing automation system, keep in mind the sort of price creep, which you can allow when your list of contacts becomes bigger. Make sure, you will be able to pay for the software you use in different periods of your work.

Applying to the system, which doesn’t integrate with your other apps

Your CRM marketing automation platform should be compatible with the analytical tools, e-commerce software and so on. Make sure you can change this or that instrument without any harm to other services and systems.

Forgetting about email deliverability

Mind that some marketing automation platforms are weak in email delivery. They won’t be able to send letters to all the customers on your list. The worst-case scenario is when your correspondence ends up in the spam folder – try to avoid the services allowing such faults.

Failing to build a proper foundation with your software

In order to leverage the platform you’ve chosen, follow these steps:

  • Plan the marketing strategy in every detail: lay down mediate aims, choose the tools you are going to use, select the formats of content, and look through the distribution channels you are focusing on.
  • Set up the basic workflows: start your opt-in programs, make major segmentation of leads, score your potential clients, and so on.


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