Gifts For The Travel Lover

Whether it’s a penchant for outdoor pursuits or a passion for pastries, there is a traveller in most people’s lives. The type whose passport is bursting with stamps, whose clothes are an unusual mix of fabrics from far flung corners and whose favourite sentences start with, “When I was in..”

Travellers tend not to want too much clutter, since they’re used to putting everything in a bag and jumping on a plane. For the travel lover in your life, this Christmas, we have put together a list of gifts to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Personalised World Map

World Map

Spinning stories about their wide travels is one of the travel lover’s favourite pastimes. So a personalised world map featuring the places that are nearest and dearest to their hearts is a great way for the traveller to feel connected to their journey history, whilst in a more permanent setting. You could make this yourself by adding photos and highlighting areas you know they’ve been, or find one online.

Travel Miniatures

If you have a friend or loved one who enjoys the jetsetting life, you can pick up some small miniature bottles for their favourite products for next to nothing in high street stores. Fill these with their favourites and you could even design fun branding to add a touch of personalisation. To enable carriage on hand-luggage-only flights, they must hold no more than 100ml of liquid.

Aviation Gifts

Over the years, an aeroplane has become a symbol for freedom and exploration. From an innovative, chrome corkscrew to aeroplane themed glasses, Flight Store have a range of aviation themed gifts, which will appeal to anyone who takes to the skies on a semi regular basis! Let your travel lover reminisce about their travels every time they use their aeroplane gift.

Universal Adaptor

For a real jetsetter who ends up in different time zones, there is no gift less sought after than a true universal adaptor. Imagine the frustration of getting the end of an arduous journey and discovering that you can’t plug in your phone or tablet as you have not got the correct adaptor! This struggle is very real for many world travellers. Furnishing them with a good quality adaptor is giving them the gift of power and connectivity wherever they go, which is priceless!

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