Get Your Employees Into The Holiday Spirit With Customized Branded Accessories

It’s official, the holiday season is here and there is less than a month to order gifts for your company’s employees and clients. However, there is a one-stop shop for all of your holiday gift-giving needs. How is this possible? Consider your company’s outreach and what can be done to make sure that it can achieve the most exposure imaginable. The friends and family members of your company’s employees also have Christmas shopping to do this year. What if you could offer them practical gifts that are branded with the company’s logo? It would solve both the problem of what to get the people in your office and how to bring a new audience to your company.

By working with a qualified promotional merchandise company, you can provide gifts to your employees that can be used by their family members and in their homes. Consider great products like throw blankets, travel mugs, magnets and stationary sets, all embellished with the company’s logo. Go for items that are frequently used, borrowed and appreciated. Custom-branded business items for an employee who works from can lend more of an office vibe to their surroundings. When they use branded notepads, writing utensils, and desk accessories – they will begin to feel like an official part of your company.

Promotional Items

If your office throws an annual holiday party, use it as an opportunity to promote your wares with giveaways, door prizes and party favors. Even if these free products are re-gifted or passed along to others, that’s still additional exposure and a new audience that can be introduced to your company. Promotional items like pens, bracelets and shopping totes have a strong utility and can’t help but be used often in a person’s life. People tend to use these items in their daily lives – while shopping for groceries, at a concert – offering even more exposure to the outside world.

Your employees are an incredibly valuable asset and connection to a whole new client base. By providing them with company-branded items, you can expand your outreach while making them feel like a valuable part of your team. By working with an experienced promotional merchandising manufacturer, you can customize your order so it best fits your brand. They also work with cheaper design and manufacturing teams who can get you the best rate when you buy your items in bulk.

Using promotional products as a marketing strategy is one of the most cost effective ways to expand your brand’s recognition. It will also play a vital role in keeping your company at the forefront of any customer’s mind. Anyone can hand over a business card or a pen. Think outside the box for uniquely crafted items that will work their way into a customer’s daily life. By working with an experienced promotional marketing company, you can create the sorts of products your employees will be excited to use. Do some research and find a qualified manufacturer that has their own graphic design team and can offer competitive prices. (The Canadian company Commercial Marketing is an excellent option – go to for more information.) This holiday season, experiment with a whole new line of promotional items and see which ones grab your consumers.