How Can Companies Encourage Mothers To Work In The Office?

Employees want to work for companies and employers that care about them as much as they care about what they have to offer. This is why companies advertise job vacancies by highlighting the glamorous incentives that come with being one of their employees. It is important to show your employee, who is helping you and your company to be successful, that you value them and what they contribute to your business. Women make up a large percentage of the world’s workforce, and many women struggle against skepticism when returning to the office from maternity leave. However, there are many ways that companies can make mothers feel more comfortable in the workplace.

How Can Companies Encourage Mothers To Work In The Office?

Show that you care

A pregnancy is always something to look forward to, and companies should mirror that excitement upon realizing that one of their employees is expectant. Companies can emphasize their support by immediately extending congratulations and making it evident that they are actually mindful of their employees’ situations. To highlight their concern, it would be in a company’s best interest to inform newly-expectant mothers of any special benefits, as well as their willingness to cater to their needs – within reason. This will represent your professionalism and genuine care, while allowing mothers to become more knowledgeable of the resources that are available to them throughout their pregnancy.

Everyone should know their rights

It is also a great idea for companies to discuss pregnancy labor rights with any expectant or new mother. It is unjust to terminate or refuse to employ a woman simply because she is pregnant. It is unjust not to allow a woman who is capable of performing her job simply because she is pregnant, as it is unjust to require a woman to take time off or go on leave simply because she is pregnant. Lastly, expectant and new mothers have the right to pump milk in a safe environment and it is unjust to reprimand or terminate them for doing so. Explaining these rights to mothers, old and new, allows companies to portray their support andgives insight in regard to what may be required in a mom-friendly work environment.

After the baby is born…

As mothers prepare to return to the workplace, many may wonder how they will make the time for both work and their new baby. Others may worry about spending too much time away from the child. On the flip side, companies may wonder how this will affect their employee’s availability, as well as their capability. This is where it is important for companies to extend their hand to ensure that the mother will be comfortable on her return. A company can execute this in many ways, but the simplest and most effective wayis to offer mothers flexible scheduling and hours to accommodate their need to cater to family requirements outside of the workplace.

A welcoming return

Companies can guarantee mothers a safe transition back to the workforce by continuing to offer and instill something everyone has heard of – accommodations. Offering a daycare service within the company itself is an amazing accommodation thatdisplays the company’s flexibility. It would also be a good idea to establish a private pumping area or restroom specifically for expectant and new mothers. This would eliminate both the company’s and the mother’s fears by combining both of her focuses so that she can balance them with ease. Additionally, it would provide an accepting, safe environment that would encourage mothers to bring their own baby products to work, such as their own breast pumping stations or the Pronto, a portable baby changing station that is designed to fit into a purse and many other small spaces. It also doubles as a fashionable tote that comes in an abundance of colors for on-the-go moms to enjoy.

Mothers are in a very vulnerable state during and following their pregnancies, so it is important for companies to be considerate of that and to support mothers through such a provisional period. Companies can do this in a number of ways, all of which are guaranteed to be appreciated by new and expectant mothers. All it takes is a little flexibility and a little direct incentiveto sustain a healthy employee-employer relationship, and the end result is always worth the effort forboth parties – new and expectant mothers will be able to maintain a satisfying balance and employers will be able to keep a promising employee.

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