How To Build A Video Streaming App Using Streamhash?

A company’s true mark of success is when the upcoming companies of the same niche start copying it. This is exactly how we know that video streaming websites like Netflix, Daily Motion, and Vimeo have gained popularity and have been doing a great job of giving us exemplary video content.

Moreover, Netflix has become a verb today with the most famous phrase of ‘Netflix and Chill’ taking precedence over everything. If you are looking to start your own video streaming website then you have to launch a video streaming app for phones along with it. Almost everyone uses video streaming websites on their phone today, especially sites like Youtube.

Why online video streaming websites?

Many people still do not see the use of having their own video streaming websites. However, if you really want to market your products, then the best place to start is to build a video streaming app. Recent studies have shown that the number of viewers who are accessing online video content for information or entertainment is growing at the rate of 60% every month.

Plan to build the video streaming apps

Before you set out on your mission to create video streaming apps for your company, you should know that it will require plenty of planning. Your video streaming apps can also have a live streaming option and for that the end-to-end streaming, workflow has to be taken care of.

Many companies are using cameras and encoders to reach viewers on their mobile desktop. You can either go for this method to create a video streaming app or use a third-party mobile live streaming app. In this process, you can use a third party iOS or Android live streaming app to encode the videos and send it to your website or app to share it with your users.

However, all the ways mentioned above can be a bit complicated if you have no grasp of what you are doing to create the video streaming app. This is why companies today prefer Streamhash.

It is your one stop solution for everything that you will need to create your own video streaming app. It has the right video streaming script, 100% source code, social logins, and various upload channels as well which will help you set up your video streaming app within hours.

Elements needed to start a video streaming app

Of course, you will need a software that provides you with all the plugins and tools for creating your video streaming app. However, in order to build a video streaming app, there are a lot of other factors which you will have to take care of. Certain elements are always necessary to get the video streaming app done right.

Go through the following checklist and look for yourself what you have and what you don’t for your video streaming app.

  1. Define the niche of your product

Just vaguely setting up a video streaming website and app won’t do you any good. You cannot risk so much money and time to face losses. This is why having a niche for your product which defines what kind of videos your video streaming app is meant for, is the first step to creating any type of video streaming app. The option of whether you will be streaming live videos or not also comes later, but first sit down and create a crystal clear picture on what you want to have for your video streaming app.

Yes, having great video content also matters but just blatantly following what everyone is saying on the internet about video streaming apps and not applying your own brains behind what you really want will only lead to losses. So, think thoroughly and plan before you set out to make your own video streaming app.

  1. Get your unique domain name

Have you already thought of the name of your website? Then, you just have to check the availability of the domain name. You can do this on websites like Wix, Register, Godaddy and others. Your domain name will be your brand name, so make sure it is something that stands out and at the same time sticks with your viewers.

When you get a green light for the availability of your domain name, you just have to register your website online by paying the registration fees. Since you want to build a video streaming app, it is always better to go for bigger storage space. This is why you should opt for the largest premium package for your website.

  1. Look after the server requirements

You cannot afford to have a video streaming app that takes forever to load the videos. One of the most hated things about online video streaming apps is the buffer time. People on the internet have either negligible patience or none at all, so buying a server that helps you get rid of the audio and video lag is the next thing you will have to do.

Video streaming should always have a system that will deliver HD videos without any time lag. For this, you will have to look for the top web hosting sites. Some of them are Digital Ocean and AWS. These demand high bandwidths and plenty of server space. You can also user LAMP stack and the Nginx server to stream videos. LAMP stack is common for streaming videos and it stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

  1. Design of your website

Simplicity is the golden word here. When you keep things simple, it is easier for you to handle everything and you even attract more viewers. In order to develop and design a website, you can use a server programming language like PHP. In order to get more customers for your website, you will have to focus on the theme of your website, user to moderator, upgrade and the different upload channels. When you are done with the design of your website and app, you just have to keep your viewers interested with the video content of your website.

  1. Formats of the videos that can be uploaded

While YouTube plays videos with the help of the flash technology, it is important that you have video player formats that can handle every type of video format, be it MP4 or FLV. The different types of video player formats that you will have to check are real media, MPEG, Windows Media and Quicktime. If you want more sources, then you can always choose a video link from Youtube link or the famous Amazon S3 bucket.

  1. Marketing and revenues for your ad

Let’s come down to the business aspect of your website. You will build a video streaming app to generate revenue and market your brand, so the next appropriate question is how you will do it. In order to generate sufficient revenue, you can either start adding subscription fees for accessing your videos online or start selling video space to potential advertisers for good rates. Also, you will be getting paid when someone clicks on the ads of your page or even watches the videos that you have uploaded.

In order to get more viewers, you should enable the RSS feed and also the social icons so that your viewers can share their favourite videos on their social media profiles. Another innovative way to generate more revenues is to set up webinars. This will give people a reason to tune in and learn something useful as well.

With 55% of the population of the entire world watching videos on a daily basis, you have to leverage this industry or you will be left far behind in the competition. There is a huge scope to earn good sum of money if you know how to use the right video streaming script to your advantage and we have already told you about it.

Streamhash has everything for your under one name and it even comes with payment pals so that you can put up any type of fees and collect it one place. They also have the option to show demo videos and they do this on various levels such as Admin demo, moderator demo and user demo.

Streamhash also has a community section which includes a comment section and share icons through which viewers can interact and share the content with their friends, if they want to. With a flexibility to choose different designs and servers like Nginx, Streamhash is the ultimate turnkey solution when it comes to creating video streaming websites and even apps. You just have to get started.

Do not hesitate to drop a line or two in the comments section. Get your doubts and queries clarified. I shall reply with a day or two. My best wishes are with your video streaming applications. Cheers!

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