How To Ensure Your Packages Arrive At The Correct Destination

Most customers want peace of mind when it comes to package delivery. Finding that perfect item, wrapping it up and sending it out into the world after all the effort can be quite a daunting prospect. After all, many deliveries can seemingly disappear into thin air without even a customer service call of apology. In the end, there’s a million ways the goods can be lost forever while in transit.

How To Ensure Your Packages Arrive At The Correct Destination

The paranoia strikes deep. Is the package going to arrive in a good condition? Will it arrive at all, and if it does, will it make it there on time? The questions are relentless and bothersome. However, what if they could be stamped out all together? Here are three ways you can ensure that your package arrives at the correct destination. 

Double Check Labelling

Before you leap to conclusions and assume foul play from your courier, it’s best to ensure everything is done properly on your end first. Start with some common sense. You’ll only look a fool if your package has gone to the wrong address and there’s a big fat label there proving that you were the one who made the mistake!

Make sure that the correct delivery information is printed clearly on the label. Additionally, be sure to avoid any smudges or typo’s, as even a missed letter could potentially send your goods off to an entirely different location. It is also worth considering whether any and all labels are firmly attached to the packaging, and are not at risk of peeling away or slipping off during transit.

Find Your Location

When time isn’t on your side and certainty is key, it’s best to get your checking and double checking done quickly. Long gone are the days of sending a raven; we’re living in the 21st Century, and the internet is a valuable tool. There can be no room for error or short cuts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t scope out the destination yourself nonetheless.

At just the click of a button, you can discover the location you need instantly. Useful companies such as InXpress allow you to enter a town or postcode to find your destination, saving you a great deal of time and effort in making sure everything runs smoothly. Pinpoint your recipient on screen with a big green splodge, and let the couriers do the rest. 

Contact the Recipient  

Sometimes, it’s better to be productive than simply biting your nails and pacing the room. If you’re still unsure of your packages fate, find out for yourself. Confront the issue head on and whip out your phone; it’s time to get some answers.

Sending the recipient an email or text message is an easy way to ensure that your package has arrived properly. If you sent something to a friend, fire off a friendly text. If you have sent something to an office, ring the reception, as this is where most businesses will both store and collect items. Use your initiative and take care not to spam messages or phone calls in a panic – a simple line asking for delivery details or if it got there okay will work just fine.

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