Teen Driving Safety Facts

The older we get, the easier it is for us to get used to the feeling of driving. Needless to say a good majority of being comfortable driving comes with experience, but there are always things to learn as we become better drivers. For teen drivers, this can be both a scary and rewarding beginning to adulthood. There are many things that need to be taken into account before the time comes to send a newly licensed teen on to road.

Studies have shown that 16-year-old drivers have more accidents than any other age. Not only that, but many members of the teenage population drive and talk on their cell phones. These days, with all the new and modern technology out on the market it is more likely that most people at this young age have cell phones. If you have a son or daughter who is about to get their license, remind them that for the next few years it is especially important to pay attention to how they drive. As time passes, it will be easier for them to move beyond their rookie status, but for the time being it is critical that they learn to focus on their driving skills. Perhaps a good way to prevent your teen from being tempted to use the phone while driving would be to establish a location in the car to put it while in transit. Not only will this keep them safer, but it will also eliminate the distraction while they are getting from place to place.

Teen Driving Safety Facts

Practicing with an adult family member or friend is another thing that should be taken into serious consideration. Adult drivers should also emphasize the importance of wearing a seatbelt to their children. While some injuries in automobile accidents can’t be prevented, wearing a seatbelt really does reduce the risk of a fatal incident. Before a new driver enters the chaotic roadways, they should be informed about the risk they would be facing by not practicing this safety measure. In fact, research has shown that by just wearing a seatbelt, the chances of surviving a very bad collision could double in percentage. Accompanied by a decent airbag, a seatbelt may stop someone who is driving at a very fast speed from being launched through a windshield.

Another interesting fact to keep in mind when it comes to teen drivers is that the number of passengers can affect the driver’s ability to stay focused. It has been proven that the more passengers that are in a vehicle the more likely it is that a driver will get distracted. It is easy to get sidetracked with conversation and movement when on the go, so it might be a good idea to encourage your teen driver to drive solo for a while. It has been said that one in every five new drivers around the age of 16 will get into a car accident within their first year of driving.  Even though it can be frightening for both parents and kids alike to learn this new skill, it has to start somewhere. The key thing is to talk to your child about the facts and dangers that are present when learning to drive, so that they have a better chance of learning to be masters of the road. Learning the hard way is never any fun for anyone, so safety must be strongly reiterated.

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