How To Make Use Of An Effective Video For Promoting Your Company

There’s one interesting fact that all business owners and managers should be aware of: YouTube, that iconic video channel, now has an estimated 1 billion users – and this number is growing as we speak. So, what does this say about consumers today? The message is clear: video is a powerful tool to reach out to virtually everyone, and as a business owner or manager, you should be making use of a video platform when it comes to your marketing and promotional strategy.

How To Make Use Of An Effective Video For Promoting Your Company

One key example of the power of video content is this: imagine a person looking for camping gear. He or she visits a particular site and sees a bunch of photos and images, and some product descriptions – all well and good. But then this person visits another site, and they see not just photos and images, but videos on how to set up a tent, how to set up cooking gear, and so on. Which site do you think the person ends up buying from? The answer is quite obvious – the site, of course, which features more information, particularly informative videos. If you haven’t utilised video yet for your own business, it’s the perfect time to do so.  Here’s how you can make use of an effective video for promoting your company.

Top video content ideas

There are several ways you can utilise videos to promote your products or services and your brand. Some tops ideas for content include:

  • Showcasing a product

If your company sells an actual product, you can use video to give viewers and visitors a better idea and sense of what your product is all about. Video allows you to showcase your product in a more visual way, showing viewers its shape, texture, composition, etc. For instance, if you sell office furniture, video is a good way to convey the quality of what you are selling.

  • Letting people know how to do or use something

Another way you can optimise video content is by showing people how to do or use something, as experts in video production like confirm. A how-to video can be a unique and interesting tool to give your audience important information about your product or service. If you specialise in cleaning products, you can create a video showing people how to properly clean their bathrooms, kitchens, and so on – using your products.

  • Exposing positive testimonials to your target audience

Testimonials have been used time and time again in many business websites, and these written testimonials already have their niche. But what if you can actually bring them to life? A video testimonial goes a long way, and is a much better tool for giving your products or services the authenticity they need.

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