How To Maximise Waste Collection Services For Your Business and Make The Process More Efficient

There’s no doubt that managing your waste correctly is good for business – it actually brings in economical results that add up to the bottom line at the end of the month. Firstly, efficient waste management will help you cut down on disposal costs. Secondly, effective waste management helps recycling and this in turn ensures you have to buy fewer raw materials next time around. Thirdly, you’re meeting your environmental obligations, which lead to a better reputation. And lastly, you’ll find that some waste products are actually assets and can be sold to other businesses.

How To Maximise Waste Collection Services For Your Business and Make The Process More Efficient

It’s in everyone’s interest – in the best interests of your business, of your staff, of your city, and of your environment. But how do you manage your waste disposal in the most efficient way? Here’s how to maximise waste collection services for your business and make the process more efficient.

Talk to your Contractor, and Discuss the Following:

  • Types of waste. There are different types of waste, and they will require different storage and different handling. Furthermore, a lot of waste can be recycled or sold as raw materials to other businesses.
  • Waste separation. Paper, glass, metal, plastic – they can all be recycled and some can be dangerous to handle. There are also some items that should be stored separately because they are toxic or flammable.
  • Container sizes. Depending on your schedule and the schedule of your waste contractor, you may need either a large or a smaller container. Furthermore, the type of container may also differ depending on what will be stored in it.
  • Reducing space. Consider baling or compaction of certain items – this will save space. Saving space will not only free up clutter in your working environment, it will also make it easier to transport the waste to the proper destination. It will also reduce the number of required collections and thereby save money.
  • Check market prices. Certain items – metal waste, for example – can be sold to other parties for either recycling or use as raw materials in certain industries. By checking the market prices of such items, you can receive higher prices and maximise profits from the sale of such items.

Your waste services contractor will be able to help you a lot – they may have invaluable advice that can make the process much easier and efficient. Remember, your waste contractor has more experience and should be able to offer you various alternatives, or should already have a sufficient process in place. Look for a waste contractor that is registered and certified, and be sure they collect and transport your waste only to licensed sites. The right contractor can make all the difference.

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