How You Can Settle A Car Accident Claim

Being involved in a car accident is a lot more common than you think. You don’t want to be caught in this scenario without an inkling of what to do. But how exactly does one settle an injury claim or vehicular damage against another driver? The thought of the accident will forever be etched in one’s mind. The best thing a person can do to forget about the accident behind and focus on the future is to settle these claims once and for all. We have some tips here that you can use to settle a car accident claim.

How You Can Settle A Car Accident Claim

Gather important information.

While you are still at the scene of the car accident, it’s best to take note of information which is crucial in proving your claim. This information should include the name of the other driver, his or her insurance company, any witnesses that may back your car accident claim, as well as the names of any authorities or law enforcement officers that have arrived at the scene.

It’s also best to take pictures and videos of the crime scene as these are further evidence to prove your car accident claim. You should be able to capture the location of the car accident, the vehicle’s, proof of physical damage, and license plates.

Keep in mind that the insurance company is not on your side.

While insurance companies are present to help you out with certain liabilities such as car accident injury compensation, they are still there to do business with you amidst your car accident claim. There’s a good chance that the driver won’t even be present during the entire settlement process. Instead, you are going to be dealing with the insurance company that represents him.

Insurance companies are experts in negotiation. Also, they have a way with intimidating people and somehow transfer the present liabilities to the one issuing the car accident claim. They would either argue with you, saying you do not have enough evidence to support your claim or that you are also partially responsible for the car accident. This is where enough photographic evidence and credible witnesses come in handy.

Types of Compensation You Can Collect

If you’re the one issuing a car accident claim, you can collect any of the following compensation for the damages involved:

  • Out-of-pocket expenses– a small amount of money to get home from the police station or the scene of the accident
  • Rental car-an insurance company may compensate you for a rental car while your vehicle is at the repair station.
  • Vehicular damage-monetary compensation for any physical damage to the vehicle
  • Personal property damage- monetary compensation for valuable items that were damaged from the car accident.


The settlement process may seem very long and daunting. However, there is no reason to fear when you have sufficient evidence to support your claim. With the help of good lawyers and an insurance company to help you arrive at a reasonable compensation for the damages involved, you’ll be in safe hands.

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