Make Sure That All Your Cables Are Protected With Proper Cable Accessories

For an industrial plant, it is very important that all the components and systems are working in the plant are running at their full capacity and smoothly. Without proper working of these systems, it is not possible to extract the best efficiency of the plant. Out of all the systems, the electrical system of the company is the most important system of any industrial plant.

The electrical system is the one that provides the electrical power to all the other systems used in the industry. It is important keep all the components of the system safe for best working of the system. The high voltage cables are the most important components of any high voltage electrical network. They carry the high amount of electrical current to different points of industry. If these cables are damaged by any means, there will be a great impact on the efficiency of the electrical system hence the industry.

To protect the cable accessories from any damage of any kind, proper cable accessories are used. Compaq offers many high quality cable accessories that are ready to serve your purpose all the time. Here are some of the cable accessories offered by Compaq.

Make Sure That All Your Cables Are Protected With Proper Cable Accessories

EPDM Cold Shrink Tubing

The Compaq EPDM cold shrink tubing is used for providing the purpose of bundling of a large number of cables so that they could be kept intact, safe and together. This helps in easy identification of the cables at the time of repairs and installation. The EPDM tubing is made from very high quality polymer called polyolefin, which has excellent cross linking properties which give the product a long life and superior on-field performance. Here is some of the technical information about Compaq EPDM cold shrink tubing.

Physical Properties Test Methods Typical Value
100% Modulus ASTM D412-75 1.17 MPa
300% Modulus ASTM D412-75 4.7 MPa
Dielectric strength ASTM D149-75 19.1mv/m
Ultimate tensile strength ASTM D412-75 11.6 MPa
Ultimate elongation ASTM D412-75 635%
Tear Strength ASTM D624C-73 220Pli (38.6N/mm)

Heat Shrinkable Cable End Caps

The Compaq heat shrinkable end caps are used for covering of the open and loose ends of cables that are not connected with anything. These end caps protect them from any sort of damage and external threats such as moisture, corrosion, mechanical and chemical attacks, etc. They are made from very high quality polymers with a memory map; hence on application of the heat, they shrink to their original shape giving a tight seal over the cable ends. Here are some technical features of Compaq heat shrinkable end caps.

Properties Value Standard
Tensile strength 12 N/mm2 (MPA) (Min) ASTM D638
Ultimate Elongation 350% (Min.) ASTM D638

Apart from these, Compaq also offers heat shrinkable rain sheds, wrap-around jackets and many other high quality cable accessories for best protection and functioning of your high voltage cables.

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