NASA Space Apps Challenge Helps Telling Humanities Stories With The Help Of Association Noosphere Founded by Max Polyakov

NASA’s innovative efforts in creating more opportunities for humanity are what the planet has been long waiting for. With its annually held Space App Challenge, it aims at finding a solution to the most pressing problems of the planet with the use of collective effort of thousands of scientists worldwide. Thanks to Max Polyakov and his Noosphere Ventures, the challenge was able to reach even Dnipro, Ukraine in 2017.

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As Max Polyakov stated it is important for NASA to make use of all of the endless arrays of data that it receives through its satellites. The data can be used to develop ideas and solutions that will enrich and improve the lives of common people. It is the goal of Noosphere Ventures as well.

So, this year, NASA took care of organizing a hackaton with more than 15 thousand participating scientists from every possible field of study. They gathered together in over 160 locations across the globe to brainstorm and develop a solution based on NASA satellites data. Max Polyakov of Noosphere Ventures brought the Challenge to Dnipro, Ukraine.

The results were transformed into stories by Davar Ardalan, a Storytelling specialist from SecondMuse. She started writing stories about the Challenge this year so that everyone would know about the importance of using global data for human progress.

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The most exciting solutions that NASA will put into action this year were these:

  1. DREAM SPACE SIMULATOR is an exciting virtual reality tool that lets you experience what it feels like to launch a spaceship. It features a kinetic glove to make the interaction with objects more authentic, VR glasses and a chair that spins and vibrates. The simulator can be used for recreational and educational purposes.
  1. SPACEGO team represented India this year. Based on the visuals received from NASA’s satellites, they developed another virtual reality construct that allows you to feel yourself soaring in space on top of one of the satellites. You can enjoy beautiful views of the Earth while you are flying at high speeds.
  1. Spacer is the third team on NASA’s list. Max Polyakov, Head of Noosphere Ventures and EOS Data Analytics, made sure that Dnipro had everything it needed to host the hackaton. The team designed a simulator that will help educate children about astronauts’ job, and help improve the working conditions of astronauts on space stations. 3D printing and augmented reality allow design and engineering specialists to find themselves in a spaceship environment and work on objects and tools in the very environment they will be used in.

Max Polyakov, Noosphere Ventures and NASA are truly excited about the developments. Such efforts will eventually bring humanity forward and will allow us to make our planet a better place to live, while simultaneously striding deeper into space. Carl Sagan, a philosopher and writer, once said, that we truly represent the Earth in the eyes of the entire space, and it is our mission and our challenge to survive and help the planet for the sake of the Cosmos itself.

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