Online Casino Careers

In the present day, online gambling is the future. Because computer sales are thriving, mobile devices are the next big thing for casinos and players alike. In the present day, the reputed online casinos, like Stargames Casino, wouldn’t be so enormous without it’s employees that help the company thriving. In any moment of the day and night, you can expect hundreds of unique players logging in, playing on slot games, rolling virtual dice and enjoying other popular casino games. Job opportunities are everywhere and online casinos are offering good careers that are meaningful and worthwhile. They are in constant need of qualified people who can handle various operations.


The job of a programmer (coder) is to create, modify, test and implement the code which allows every application to exist. In some cases, based on the needs of the user, programmers can analyse and implement ideas, this could make them something of a soft scientists. Online gambling is an app-based service that is able to stream, mobile complication are happening and programmers are in high demand. The required training depends from company to company. Some companies might just ask a high school diploma and some extra knowledge of coding and in time they teach and dedicate time for its employee. Other companies might ask for more than just a high school diploma, in other words, they need someone with a higher degree in computer science, information technology or other computer related fields. In US, the outlook of a programmer might be in decline, but in other countries, mostly in Eastern Europe, the programmers are in high interest. The youngsters, most of them get a university degree diploma in IT related fields and are immediately absorbed into a company that requires their skills.

Security Specialist

These employees are like information security experts. They are analysts and their main job is to monitor the gambling sites and networks for possible security threats and breaches. Websites use the help of these employees in order to implement security standards. From installing a security system to managing a base of knowledge about the network and its software operation. The required training is a high degree in Internet and Network Security. Additional courses and training in telecommunications leads to a higher percent of getting the job and make a career of it. Because is relatively new, there is a huge potential growth in the security field. Technology is growing and the demand to stay safe and secure is higher.

Customer Service Representative

Working into Customer Support means answering phone calls, emails and live chat messages from casino and its players. They can also work in sales and marketing or perform other jobs that require a phone-line, computer and decent speaking voice. An efficient customer support plays a key role to any Internet based company.  The service usually runs on a 24-hour operation covered by its employees that are ready to attend to people’s queries. To have an access to this job, it is enough a high school diploma for starters. Higher diplomas will mostly be a bonus. The outlook, depends on the company, gambling businesses are turning towards foreign-based call centers and few are able to employ a customer support representative on their floor.

Graphic Designer

Designers control every visual aspect of the gambling website or app. Online gaming is primarily a visual experience, graphics designers are the important part of the design process. Designers are responsible for the graphical user interface and some sites have their own games and other features where graphics designers have a hand in. A bachelor’s degree in arts and design is always required. The employer needs to see the set of skills the designer has, so a portofolio is always needed. Some companies can hire a junior designer while others require experience in the field. The outcome, depends on the region. In US it might be going down, but as long as you’re creative, you can overcome anything. In Europe, designers are needed in every aspect of a IT and Internet based company.

Live Dealer

Live dealers that are working for the online casinos can perform traditional duties of casino dealers through a webcam. This is a special segment of the online casino that is becoming quite popular in some parts of the world. While some gambling sites use a virtual dealer, a live dealer is much more appreciated, because it gives the feel of being part of something. Live dealers have to know and run the game just like in a live casino and they must maintain some relationship with the players. The only difficult part is that the game is played remotely, with no human being at the table playing with the live dealer. Training from a dealer school is necessary. These schools also ask for a high-school diploma. Each site with a live dealer had its own training program, which all live dealers need to undergo before they start working. Live dealers are in great demand on sites that serve the European market.

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