Prepaid Cell Phone Plans: A Yes or A No?

There are two of the common types of plans — the prepaid and the postpaid. Prepaid plans pertain to the credit purchased prior to the use of service. On the other hand, postpaid plans require users to sign a contract and get billed for the accumulated fees in the services they used.

Users have different preferences when it comes to plans. Some would want to pay a long-term service contract while others would want pay-as-you-go cell phones. If you happen to choose the prepaid plan, you should weigh its advantages and disadvantages. To know if getting a prepaid plan is worthy of your time and money, here is a list of its pros and cons:

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans: A Yes or A No?

The pros of having a prepaid plan

  • Save more

With a prepaid plan, you only get to pay for the calls and data that you would want to use. You can first estimate the amount of data you will use and the frequency of your calls. After that, you can set up a definite budget for that month. This minimizes your spending for your data and calls.

In addition, there are a number of carriers and online telecom services that offer affordable international calls. One example is the NobelCom, which offers cheap and quality calls that help you get in touch with your loved ones around the world.

  • More choices

There are many prepaid plans to choose from. It varies from the amount of data you want to purchase to the location you are in. If you plan to browse online telecom services, you can choose NobelCom Top-up for more options.

  • Contract-free

Unlike postpaid plans, you are not bounded by any contract. Hence, you are not entitled to use a single carrier or pay its high rates for a certain period of time. With prepaid plans, you can switch your carrier, plan, and phone any time.

  • More control

By having to pay for your minutes and data beforehand, you can put limits on the time you spend using them. With this, you get to exercise control over your expenses. This is useful especially when giving children and teenagers their very own phone.

The cons of having prepaid plan

  • Limited data and calls

You are bounded by the amount you initially paid for. Once all of your data and minutes are used up, you are entitled to pay for another prepaid plan. The renewal or repeated acquisition of prepaid plans also causes inconvenience and hassle to the users.

  • Difficult to monitor

Your calls and data are only limited, and they could easily run out before even knowing it. So, you need to have them regularly monitored. Unfortunately, this may be difficult and time-consuming for users. Not all phones can systematically monitor and organize all the minutes and data you have used.

  • Not ideal for emergencies

When you get carried away with your call and have used up all your minutes, you won’t be able to call for emergencies and urgent matters not unless you get another prepaid plan.


Deciding whether to get a prepaid plan or not requires a lot of thinking. You must first evaluate your needs and identify what you want most from a cell phone plan. You should not forget factors like your budget and the user of the cell phone. The bottom line is that you should decide on a plan that gives you more pros than cons.

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