Quick and Clever Ways To Impress Your Boss In The Workplace

How well you perform in your role is clearly one of the main ways to impress your boss in the workplace, but it isn’t the whole story. Just as we make connections in our personal life, there is much you can do to make a great impression not only on your boss, but on your colleagues too.

Ask for Feedback

Quick and Clever Ways To Impress Your Boss In The WorkplaceAsking for feedback demonstrates to your boss you are open to constructive suggestions and that you care enough about your job to want to do the best you can. If you are in a new role, it’s important to request feedback frequently to ensure you are heading in the right direction. After that, talk to your boss about how particular projects went or request feedback at least quarterly, even if you don’t have a formal review.

Adopt to Their Way of Thinking

We all like to think our way of doing things is the right way, but in a working environment this can lead to problems. Your working life will run much more smoothly if you adapt to your boss’s way of thinking and attitude to life, even if their approach doesn’t mirror your own away from the workplace. Certain behaviour or habits can be adopted, for instance if your employer enjoys smoking or vaping, this could be an option to socialise with him/her away from the working environment. The smoking area can be a creative environment which can encourage employees to bond with their bosses frequently.

This doesn’t mean you can never voice an opinion of your own but it does mean accepting things are done in a certain way during business hours, maybe because it works best for the company as a whole.

Be Friendly and Approachable

Your boss will look favourably on any employee who is friendly and approachable, not only to them but also to colleagues and clients. A happy workforce is one which is much more productive and if team spirit is high, there will be fewer disruptions to the working day. Avoiding office politics can make your life far simpler and lead to a better relationship with your boss.

Admit Mistakes

We all make mistakes, and it’s far better to own up to them immediately than to have your boss find out about an error at a later stage when more damage might have been done.  A workplace should also be open to people admitting when a mistake has been made and if you find yourself working for a business which has a blame culture it might be better to move on.

Fit In With Workplace Behaviours

Workplace problems can often be sparked by the smallest issues. Maybe a colleague doesn’t feel like you are fitting in or takes issue with something you are unwittingly doing because you didn’t realise it was frowned upon. This can be of particular issue when you are working somewhere new.

If you want to cause as few problems for your boss as possible always take note of how the workplace is run and what is and isn’t viewed as acceptable amongst your peers. One example can be that while smoking is frowned upon, vaping is seen as more acceptable, and therefore it might be helpful to make the switch, at least during the working day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Suggest Changes

While you will want to adopt your approach to mirror that of your boss, there isn’t any harm in putting forward suggestions of your own as to improvements which could be made to the running of the workplace. This demonstrates proactive thinking and a forward-thinking workplace will always be happy to examine suggestions. However, it’s also important to remember that your suggestions won’t always be implemented, and it’s vital to accept rejection with good grace.

Be Yourself

Finally, don’t be afraid to be yourself. While you may want to modify certain behaviours at work, it’s also important to remember that your boss hired you, and with good reason. Let your personality shine through and be open to others. People immediately recognize when someone is being genuine, and this will take you far.

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