6 Rules For Booking The Perfect Hotel

Are you in the process of planning a business trip or personal vacation? If so, you know that booking a hotel is one of the most important steps you can take.

You have many options for getting started. While some people prefer to call the hotel direct, others have come to find that the internet is their best friend.  Do you really want to call the biggest hotel in Downtown Austin on the phone when you can simply go online, learn more about what it has to offer, and book on the spot?

6 Rules For Booking The Perfect Hotel

The primary issue with booking a hotel online is that many people don’t know which steps to take. While they’re familiar with how to use the internet, they don’t really know what they’re looking for in regards to hotels.

Fortunately, the best travel comparison sites make life as easy as possible. As long as you have some basic internet skills and an idea of what you’re looking for, everything will come together soon enough.

For example, with the guidance of a service like Expedia, you can search for Gatwick Airport hotels online. And not only can you search, but you can also gather more information than you ever imagined possible.

So, with all that in mind, there is only one thing left to do: go online and complete the process.

When doing so, here are 5 steps that you absolutely want to take:

  1. Use a Comparison Site

There is no denying the fact that you could jump from one hotel site to the next in an attempt to learn more, find the best rate, and make a decision. However, this is extremely inefficient in regards to your time.

It’s better to use a comparison site, as this puts you in position to learn more about the many hotels that a particular city has to offer.

Miami, for example, is home to some of the top hotels in the state of Florida. With a comparison site, you can quickly see how the Hilton Miami Downtown, one of the best hotels, stacks up to the competition.

  1. Read Consumer Reviews

Remember this: you aren’t the first person to ever stay at the hotel. For this reason, you won’t struggle to find consumer reviews for almost every hotel imaginable.

As you read these, pay close attention to what people like, what people don’t like, and any trends that span multiple reviews.

If hundreds of people comment on the luxury of the swimming pool or spa, you can be confident that it has quite a bit to offer.

  1. View Photos

You can only learn so much by reading reviews. At some point, you also want to view photos of the hotels you are considering.

When using a comparison site, you’ll come across two types of photos: those shared by the hotel and those shared by past guests.

It only takes a few minutes to review all of these, so take the time to do so. You never know when you’ll come across something that points you in one direction or the other.

  1. Visit the Hotel’s Official Website

Even if you are using a comparison site to find the best hotel, there is nothing wrong with also checking out the official website. There is a lot of high quality information here, as well as terms and conditions that you need to be aware of.

Take for example the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino website. The more time you spend on this website the more you will learn about the hotel, casino, and what it has to offer visitors.

When it comes down to it, your goal is simple: to collect as much information as possible on the hotels that pique your interest. In many cases, this means using a comparison site and visiting the hotel’s official website.

  1. Get on the Phone

At some point, you may realize that you have questions. While most of these can be answered via a quick online search, you never know when you’ll need personal assistance.

You can contact the hotel direct to clear the air. From questions about rates to those regarding location, you can be rest assured that somebody is more than willing to help. All it takes is one phone call to put you in position to learn more.

  1. Don’t Bite on the First Deal You See

Thanks to the internet, it only takes a few minutes to find and compare multiple hotels. Just the same, you can book a room in a fast and efficient manner. The only problem with rushing is that you may miss out on something that suits you better. This is why you should exercise some patience when searching for hotels via the internet.


When you follow these steps, you’ll find it much easier to book a hotel you actually like online.

Once you find what you’re looking for, ask yourself this final question: is the hotel truly best for you, based on your personal needs and budget? If you are 100 percent confident that the answer is yes, it’s time to move forward. At that point, you can turn your attention to other aspects of your trip.

Do you have any experience booking a hotel online? Do you have a process that you follow to ensure success? Don’t hesitate to share your personal strategy in the comment section below.

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