Reasons You Shouldn’t Take Business Letterhead Printing for Granted

We all know that business letterhead printing is a necessity for organizations of all kinds. However, it is often taken for granted. Unfortunately, we often take business letterhead for granted, which leads them to be uninspired or unable to convey the core message and values of your business. At worst, they may even devalue your brand.

Here are a few reasons you should not take business letterhead printing for granted.

People will judge you for it

We’re not saying it’s a good thing, but people naturally judge others for things that may not necessarily be the most important in how one is able to deliver. We judge people for the choice of clothes they would wear to a job interview or a presentation. We make irrational judgments about people based on the car they drive. It doesn’t always make sense, but it happens.

By the same token, we’re also judged based on the quality of the letterhead we send to our customers, prospects, and suppliers. They may feel that a sloppy-looking letterhead may mean that you lack attention to detail in other areas, which may or may not be true. Additionally, they will infer other things about your business based on the specific details on the letterhead. Certain fonts can suggest stability or creativity, and some designs peg you as a traditionalist while others may cast you as cutting edge.

It allows you to present a tangible, human side to others

A lot of marketing today involves making your brand more relatable to your customers. However, if you don’t sell a physical product and don’t offer a service that can be directly experienced, it’s difficult to make your business relatable. This lack of tangibility is further compounded by the fact that many businesses are purely digital and not all of them can provide a “face” or some outward sign of humanness that makes these businesses more relatable.

This is where print products like letterhead come in.  They provide the tangibility needed to help customers truly understand that your business is real and not just a string of 1’s and 0’s they’ve encountered online.

While print alone won’t create relatability by itself, it can certainly go a long way in helping humanize your brand and make it easier to appreciate and remember.

Business letterhead is a snapshot of your company at that point in time

In many instances, your letterhead may be the only physical object a customer, supplier, or prospect from you that they may come in contact with. As such it’s their biggest clue to your values, mission, and aspirations. To your own team, your letterhead can serve to reinforce the goals of the business, which may prevent it from making decisions that are “out of character” or out of scope.

You may not necessarily say those all things right there on the letterhead, but how it’s designed and the care with which it’s made will certainly say a lot about what you want to convey and achieve before they even get around to reading your actual message.

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