What Happens To Your Driver’s License After DWI?

There are some good days and there are some bad days. When you get arrested by the cops for drinking and driving or even for driving under influence, the officer will give you a pink paper where you will find “APS” written on the top of the receipt.

What Happens To Your Driver’s License After DWI?


This pink paper will act as your temporary license and has the validity for 30 days. Subsequently, the police will take away your license and suspend it for some time. However, if you want to challenge and get back your license you must contact a DWI attorney within 9 to 10 days. Your license will remain valid through the entire hearing.

The police usually prove that you were driving and were lawfully pulled over. The main thing that they prove is that you are having blood alcohol level of more than 0.08 percent concentration. However, in some cases the drug abuse is also taken into account and a roadside professional police proves the same.

How can a Layer help you Out?

There are many laws and regulations that an officer follows while investigation. There are many experienced lawyers, who can help you out with your case. The courts are constantly changing DUI laws, so the lawyer needs to be experienced and needs to be updated with the changing laws. Approach the best lawyers in the town and know how many cases he has handled.

Know the difference between Implied Consent and DWI

DWI is a crime and if you are convicted of DWI, you will probably be in jail or prison. You will also be charged with a lump sum amount of fine. You will be tried and tested in court and then the judge will give you their decision. As a result, you will enter into the criminal record.

The other part of the DWI is the implied consent, which means that you are not a criminal and you don’t have to serve any criminal tenure in the jail. In this case, they won’t take away your driving license for a long period of time.

Rather, the state government will make your admission in some psychological programs, where you have to go almost once or twice a week. You can share your problems associated with drinking. The concerned professional can help you out with your personal life and reduce your deliberate drinking and driving.

After that, sometimes people even join a community group where they share their experience and this can help them become mentally stronger. However, the court will put you under review for a certain period of time. It can be more than 90 days or even 1 week. This entirely depends on your behavior after you were being caught.


Immediately, you must take the help of the lawyer and consult with him, what can be the outcome. His advice may depend on a lot of things for example if you have taken the medical tests like urine test and blood and alcohol test.

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