Robert Joubran Explains The Philanthropic Contribution Of Any Decent Private Equity Firm

When someone says that there is a huge difference between ‘business now’ and ‘business then’, it is only a fact. In present times, businesses are becoming more so inclined to have a positive contribution on society despite of their professional interests. According to Robert Joubran, the COO of Platinum Equity, business is not all about making profit and understanding one’s own but a good business person or a company always makes sure to act as good citizen to the country as well. Being the Chief Operating Officer of the company Platinum Equity, Robert has been in the field forever but there is one thing he always brings up that it is not how much money one is making at the end of the day but it is how much positive change one is having on society that really makes a difference.

Robert Joubran Explains The Philanthropic Contribution Of Any Decent Private Equity Firm

Platinum Equity which has been ranked as the 31st largest private company in the world by Forbe’s magazine is a private equity firm and evidently one of the best in the world today. But the company is not just limited to that but instead they are known for doing much more. According to Robert Joubran, every company should make sure that they are doing their share for the society and as the COO of Platinum Equity, he thinks that a company should indeed engage in philanthropic activities like helping out the needy, the children, the local sports talents and much more. As a matter of fact Platinum Equity has long been doing their share of contribution which though are not known by many but are surely worth mentioning:

  • As a company, Platinum Equity has always believed that arts is what inspires people. And hence they have been forever trying their best to support and motivate individuals towards achieving a creative success. The firm is completely involved in helping the Kennedy Center, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the New England Center for the Performing Arts, the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts and is currently working towards inspiring an even wider spectrum of audience.
  • Platinum Equity is definitely a company which has a weakness for the younger generation. Thus, they are totally inclined on helping different events which revolves around children. These includes supporting the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation in the state of Michigan, the Special Olympics of Southern California and also the World Childhood Foundation. This all makes sure that the less fortunate children are blessed with a golden The firm also stretches their hand to support sports hence they help in AYSO Youth Soccer.

Therefore as Mr. Robert Joubran previously pointed out that every company needs to empower the less fortunate and have a positive contribution towards society, Platinum Equity practices just the same. This is all because in the end, every individual has a basic responsibility towards the society and that is what makes one a good citizen and a valued member of the community.

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