Solar System Maintenance for Attaining a Strong and Efficient Structure

A solar system installation on your rooftop is an exciting project. Having your own home, a parking lot, call box, or entire corporate building powered by your own solar PV system is thrilling. By getting best solar Los Angeles rates, you are all prepared to save on electricity as well as you are playing a vital role in saving the environment.

Solar System Maintenance for Attaining a Strong and Efficient Structure

Maintenance is low

After installation, you will need to understand the maintenance of solar PV system. There are some aspects that come under DIY and a few that don’t. Generally, solar panels need low maintenance. The most appealing feature of solar panel is their capability of tolerating various environmental elements. They are designed for outdoor conditions and so can survive well without regular maintenance.

Moreover, nature helps in the maintenance of solar panels. Rain plays a vital role in cleaning the solar panels, but to keep it running in optimum condition some regular upkeep is necessary. In locations with infrequent rainfall, depending on nature may not be sufficient. Dust, dirt, grime, pollen, bird feces, leaves, and plant residue can gather on solar panel, which can decrease the solar system efficiency.

Working of solar system

To understand how dirt and dust reduce the efficiency of the solar panels, it is necessary to get familiar with the working of the solar system. Solar panels comprise of semiconductor silicon cells linked together. The cells have negative and positive side containing electrons. When sunrays hit the cells, electrons get excited and start moving and this creates energy. This energy is harnessed as electricity and is used to power the devices.

Solar cells are responsible to capture as much sunlight as it can. Dirty cells cannot absorb optimal amount of sunrays, thus the system will be unable to generate a good amount of energy. Thus less efficiency adds to less cost saving benefits on solar panel installation. To avoid losses some people undertake solar system maintenance task on their own without any knowledge about the dangers linked with it.

How to maintain solar panels?

For sustaining a strong, effective, and properly functioning solar PV system structure maintenance is the answer. Unlike generators solar energy system do not include moving components, which wear out, malfunction, breakdown, or rust.

Solar panel maintenance needs cleaning. If you reside in dusty area then it is vital to inspect frequently. This ensures that bird droppings, dirt, and debris do not block the efficiency of sunlight absorption by solar panels.

Panels can be rinsed clean with garden hose. If you feel that little more cleaning is necessary then use a spongy squeezy attached to a long pole. Dip the soft squeezy in soapy water and rub the panels gently, then rinse excess soap suds with hose water.

Using water and soap mixture is fine for solar systems mounted on the ground. However, it is wise to let the professionals do the cleaning because water around electrical systems can be dangerous. Without proper training, cleaning the solar system, especially on rooftops can be risky. Some solar panels need special cleaning solution and ignoring this can cause cracks, scratches, residue, and injury.

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