The Difference Between A Good and Great DJ

A wedding DJ must be talented, but as straightforward as the job might seem, there is much more to a successful wedding gig than just simple talent. If the DJ does none of these things, then chances are that they are not the right fit for the wedding.


Any good music DJ will listen. It is not their ability to play and mix the music that is required, but rather their ability to meet the entertainment needs of the couple and their guests. In order to achieve this, they must understand their preferences and what they would like for their wedding, this calls for a keen listening ear. A great DJ will understand that this is perhaps the best day in the lives of the couple, and them trusting the DJ with it is a huge responsibility. If they listen then they likely take the job seriously.


The best DJs will understand that their responsibility goes far beyond the music. They will likely be given the responsibility, or part of at least, of announcing various guests and giving directions. With that in mind, they should make sure they understand how to and can pronounce names. It could be wise to practice this with the couple and go over it before the ceremony.

The Difference Between A Good and Great DJ

Music and the Crowd

When they play the music, the DJ must realize that they have to please both the crowd and the couple. It is important for them to be able to keep to the playlist that was given to them by the couple, and to balance it with an ability to listen to the crowd and give them what they want, which might not necessarily be the same thing. This requires a combination of experience and practice, without which the event could end up being a disaster.

Planning with the Venue in Mind

Most jobs will only be as excellent as the amount of preparation that goes into them. For the wedding DJ, though, the stakes are higher. They will likely have to set up, look at the seating arrangement and arrange their sound equipment in a way that reaches the audience effectively. Also, it is important to choose a DJ that tests everything beforehand and makes sure the equipment works. The best in the business never assume anything; they know disastrous events normally begin with assumptions.


This might seem obvious, but having a DJ that is well dressed, professional and presentable is not always easy. Not all DJs understand the value of this, to the clients and to the crowd. The fact that they are behind the decks does not necessarily mean they have the leeway. The best in the business are always well groomed, relaxed and in control.

When looking to select a DJ, make sure they have the right qualifications, but go a step further and evaluate them using these guidelines. The difference between an ordinary event and that standout wedding might just be in the entertainment, and the DJ is perhaps the most important cog.

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