The Reasons Why I Trust

I am an active paid to click user and I love following websites that deal with the specific subject. For those of you who have been living under a rock and don’t know what paid to click websites are, then let me inform you right away.

Paid to click websites allow you to create a free account and watch advertisements for a fixed amount of time (usually between 5 to 30 seconds) in exchange for money. The money are usually pennies, but if you join many of them and refer a good amount of people then you could be earning a lot of cash on autopilot.

The Reasons Why I Trust

Anyway, I recently found a website called that got my attention for its honest approach on the paid to click niche.

First of all, the guy running this website seems to know a lot about the paid to click industry. It seems that he is an active paid to click user for the past 5 years. His articles speak only the truth.

For example many of his articles support only the best ptc websites (which you can find here) and not ptc websites that are online for only a month or so. The websites that he suggests are over 5 years old each.

Also, he exposes with real proof the renting referrals system that is sucking (literally) people’s money, by promising them riches and passive income. He is the only one who’s done this and I don’t know any other website that is doing this.

Aside from articles around the paid to click industry the website publishes articles about other methods to earn money. There is a huge guide with over 160 ways to earn money online and other easy to understand methods that you can utilize at any time to earn some extra cash.

Furthermore, articles around marketing, video guides and other useful content that most marketers would charge for it.

If you are dealing with the ptc industry, then I highly suggest to bookmark or subscribe to its newsletter. Content produced from that website, is not to be missed at all.

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