The Statement of Witnesses Is Vital For Your Car Accident Claim

If you are going to claim from a insurance company for your car accident damages, then it is necessary that you must have sufficient credible evidences, to prove your damages, so that you can build a strong case against your opponent. Most of the times you also need to prove that accident was not caused by your fault. Here you must understand that the statement of witnesses is very important while your case goes to any court. Following suggested reading information will help you to build up your case strongly against your opposite party.

Support for Claim for your innocence

You may get less compensation or sometimes no compensation from the insurance company even if you are injured, in case it is found that you are responsible for the accident. With the help of statement from the witnesses, you can prove that you are not responsible for the accident. Witness can explain the exact position of your car and the speed at which both were driving immediately after the occurrence of any accident.

Support for Claims of Guilt

Also you can prove the guilt of the injured party with the help of statement of the witnesses whether he was in any way responsible for the accident. In most of the cases, the compensation of the injured party is reduced based on the amount of fault on his part. Hence, usually defendants try to show that other party was responsible for the accident and the damages. Therefore, the statement of the witness plays a very important role to help the court to decide whether the injured party was really at fault.

Support for Claims of Injury

In order to prove your injury you need the statement from witness. Depending upon the statement given by them about the accident, the court can decide whether the injury happened due to accident. Also the severity of injury is also decided with the help of the witnesses.

Discredit injury

Statement of witness will not only prove the injury, but it can also be used to discredit false claims for injury. If any eye witness sees that the driver is not hurt after the accident then his statement can prove that the claim is false. Based on statement of witness, it can be determined whether injury was serious in nature.

All witnesses may not be true

All witnesses may not be telling the actual facts in many of the cases. Therefore, when the case is argued in the court the witnesses are cross examined by the lawyers to ascertain whether they are truthful or not.

Contact your lawyer

In case you meet with a car accident where you have been injured then you must immediately take assistance from your lawyer to make your claim. Lawyers are expert in identifying the right witnesses and extract the necessary statement from them in writing so that a proper case can be built in support of your claim. It is essential to get compensation for your damages.


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