The Top Reasons Why Promotional Giveaways Are An Effective Business Tool

Any business worth its salt would know that it needs to attract customers in order to make sales. But if you are a business owner, what exactly have you done to boost your sales and marketing efforts? Have you advertised in newspapers and magazines, have you organised a sale, or have you tried to have a more robust social media presence? Whilst all these strategies work well in their own way, there’s still something to be said about the effectiveness of promotional giveaways. Here are the top reasons why promotional giveaways will always be an effective business tool.

The Top Reasons Why Promotional Giveaways Are An Effective Business Tool

They’re affordable

If you’re joining a trade show or any other type of event, then you’d surely want your company and brand to get noticed. One way to do this, apart from setting up an attractive, eye-catching booth or stall, is to give out a variety of items. The great aspect about giveaways is that they are quite affordable – they don’t cost too much, especially if you have them made in bulk. And, depending on the item, they can cost even less – think ballpoint pens, key chains, and even candy bars and sweets.

A great way to reach out

As mentioned, you can give away different kinds of items, ranging from pens and paper products to t-shirts, mugs and drinking glasses, calendars, and more. But you can actually choose the specific giveaway according to what you think your audience would like. For instance, if you are a law firm, then you may want to give away office stationery and good quality pens. If you are a construction firm, something practical and functional always works. A good giveaway can help you earn your customers’ loyalty – and they’ll be reminded of your company every time they use it.

Get to know your customers

When you distribute giveaways at an event such as a trade show, conference, or exhibition, it also gives you a chance to get to know your customers. You can speak with them and tell them more about your products or services – thanks to an excellent ice-breaker (your giveaway, that is). You can ask them questions or ask for feedback about certain products or services they’ve already tried. And – people love free stuff, and they’ll certainly appreciate what you’ve given them, no matter how small or ‘trivial’ it is.

A reminder

As mentioned, when you distribute giveaways and other promotional merchandise, your customers will have a way of remembering you every single time they use the item. It’s a gentle and subtle reminder of what you can provide, and if the giveaway is something of high quality or lasts for a long time, then so much the better. It gives your customer the right impression about your company and brand.

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