The Top Things You Can Do To Improve Your Reverse Logistics Process

Whether you are starting a business or have a business you are trying to grow, it’s time to start paying attention to reverse logistics. It’s something that the ordinary business was not paying attention to a few decades (let alone years) ago, and – to be honest – not enough businesses are paying enough attention to it right now. However, it can change the way you do things. It’s important.

Reverse logistics is the art and science of ensuring that the goods you send to the customer get back to you in time, in good condition, and that you have a great follow-up to ensure you still retain the customer. In other words, it’s the height of damage control.

Is it important? You bet! Here are the top things you can do to improve your reverse logistics process.

What exactly is reverse logistics?

Reverse logistics is the process of moving a product back from the consumer (who originally ordered it) to the point of origin (the manufacturer or dealer). In very simple terms: it’s a return process, usually because the product was either not up to standard, or was delivered under the wrong circumstances (wrong address, etc.).

Why does reverse logistics matter?

A person who receives a wrong product or a damaged product often has a bad impression about the company that ensured the logistics of it – and in many cases (unless there are specific measures in place) this results in a lost customer – or worse – a damaged reputation. Reverse logistics aims to open the channels of communication and customer convenience in order to make sure that these events do not happen again, and that public relations will always remain intact.

The Top Things You Can Do To Improve Your Reverse Logistics Process

Making returns

It’s a matter of making an easy return policy; it’s a matter of making it easy for your customers. Research has shown that clear policies and easy return options increase customer satisfaction by about 66%.

Shipping back to you

The process should be easy and simple, without any cost to the customer. It’s a matter of giving the customer options – for example, they could drop the item off at a shop, or have it shipped at no cost.

Having reverse logistics outsourced

It’s a complicated business, so it’s wise to have the experts involved. For this reason, outsourcing is always a good idea, such as outsourcing to an experienced fulfilment company.

If you have a business – especially an ecommerce business – then you should not have any doubts about the benefits of having your reverse logistics done in a professional way. It’s simply a part of the business process that can no longer be ignored. Get started on it right away – think the process through and remember that there is professional help that can help you grow your business in ways you have never thought possible.

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