Valuable Information About Mexican Auto Insurance

If your American or Canadian auto insurer provides Mexican insurance, then make sure that it is underwritten by an established Insurance Company based in Mexico. Even if you possess a comprehensive automobile insurance from the best American insurance provider, the Mexican authorities will not approve it. Therefore, before you drive across the border to Mexico, make sure to get familiar with the insurance laws.

Valuable Information About Mexican Auto Insurance

Why Mexican Insurance is necessary?

The traffic laws of the United States and Mexico is same, but the main difference is in application of the rules. The Mexican law is based on Napoleonic Code, where guiltiness prevails over assumption of innocence, while U.S. laws based on English Common Law in which innocence prevails over possibility of guilt.

If anyone gets involved in a car crash in Mexico, then he/she must have the resources to counter to the injuries and damages for which they may possibly be responsible. It could be in the form of cash or Mexican car insurance policy from licensed Mexican Oscar Padilla insurance provider.

If the local authorities find you guilty and you are unable to pay for injuries on-spot, then you will be sent to jail. The financial responsibility in respect to auto accidents is governed by Mexico very stringently. The liability laws that changed in 2013 increased death liability limit up to $300,000 (depends on Mexican state, where accident occurs).

Why Visitors get Temporarily Imprisoned in Mexico?

In case, there is no injury, then this policy can help to decrease the red tape, but it is not a ticket to get out of jail. Sometimes Mexican tourists driving a car get involved in crashes, where deaths and injuries occur, due to someone’s negligence.

The Mexican authorities are responsible to determine the negligent person. All car drivers involved in mishap are detained under penal offense for investigation and questioning. Visitor if allowed freedom, then can run away across the border. In Mexico, no foreign citizens are provided with special rights.

Cost of Mexican Insurance Policy

Policy term rates are structured for 25 days, but the coverage for 6 months or 12 months is more cost-effective. If after buying a policy for specific duration, you need to say for some more days in Mexico then acquire another insurance policy for the extra days. Make sure that the new policy’s day and time is subsequent to the end of first policy to avoid lapse in coverage. Another option is to cancel the first policy and have another coverage issued for the entire period.

Do you have to Mention Every Possible Driver in the Policy?

No, it is not required to mention every conceivable driver, but it is suggested to include the name of registered owner. Even if the registered owner does not accompany the car to Mexico, add the name of primary driver or passenger, who will always be with the car.

Is it necessary to buy Mexican Car Insurance, before Crossing the Border?

Certainly, Mexican Insurance is only accessible in Mexico. However, after crossing the border and buying it is risky. You need to drive to the auto insurance office and it means you will be driving without coverage.

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