Where Do The Big Brands Recruit Their Digital Media Staff

The UK digital job market is perhaps one of the best job markets in the world due to the huge difference between the demand for talent and the available talent. And while this is great news for digital job seekers in the UK (there are many digital jobs), it is not so for the employers as it means that they will have to fight for whatever talent is available on the market. For the big business brands, winning the best talent on the market is crucial since it will help to guarantee their continued success – read more here. This is why they use various methods to ensure that they get the best of what the job market has to offer. Below is a look at some of these big brands and the digital media staff recruitment methods they use.

Where Do The Big Brands Recruit Their Digital Media Staff

Which are the big brands recruiting digital media specialists?

Nowadays, almost every business is using digital marketing techniques to promote their business, which means that at one time or another, most businesses will hire digital media staff. However, there are the top brands that dominate the job market when it comes to hiring digital marketing talent – listed on this recruitment site. Below is a look at these brands:

1. Ad tech companies

The term “ad tech” stands for advertising technology. Ad tech companies are therefore companies that provide technology used by marketers, digital marketing agencies, or other companies/businesses to create, target, plan, or optimise digital adverts. Since ad tech companies deal with digital advertising, they are one of the largest recruiters of digital marketing staff, who are used to either develop or promote their products and services.

2. Digital marketing agencies

Digital marketing agencies are the go-to organisations for any business that wants to improve their digital marketing campaigns. This means that they offer their services to many businesses, including the top brands in various sectors. As such, they must recruit the best digital marketing staff on the market to ensure that they stay competitive.

3. E-commerce businesses

Nowadays, most businesses have taken to selling their products online, where they utilise the marketing power of the internet to promote their products to consumers all over the world. However, for their advertising to be effective, they need to hire the best digital marketing staff who can leverage various online marketing techniques and tools to their advantage. While some of these e-commerce businesses prefer to hire the services of digital marketing agencies, a good number of them recruit in-house, making them one of the top digital talent recruiters.

4. Media and publishing companies

One of the largest revenue streams for media and publishing companies is by running adverts their clients. As such, they require skilled staff that can be able to create, target, implement, and optimise their clients’ adverts. The adverts are implemented using various digital marketing tools, thus bringing about the need to hire the best digital media staff in the market.

Where do the big brands recruit their talent?

As already mentioned above, there is a huge skill gap in the digital marketing industry, which means that businesses are always fighting to grab the top talent on the market. And since the above types of companies are the best of the best, you can expect that they be at the forefront of this war for talent. But how do they win the best talent? Below is a look at where the big brands recruit their talent according to Entrepreneur.com :

1. Social media

One of the top sources of the digital media talent for big brands in the digital marketing industry is the social media, from where they are able to recruit qualified talent, not only from the UK, but also from the rest of the world. By advertising job opportunities on social media platforms, the big brands in the digital marketing industry are able to access a large pool qualified and tech-savvy candidates. Social media also provides a very effective platform for receiving applications from candidates, vetting them (by looking at their social media profiles), and conducting interviews. Therefore, by using social media, the big brands in the job industry are able to not only recruit the best talent, but also simplify the recruitment process.

2. Online job boards

Traditionally, job boards were physical notice boards where employers could post job vacancy for interested job seekers to see. With the coming of the internet, this recruitment trend has evolved, but the methodology is still somehow similar. Nowadays, online job boards are websites where various employers can post adverts for the vacant positions, which includes the job requirements and other details such as the salary, method of applying, deadline for applications, etc. The great thing about online job boards is that they can be viewed by many people, which allows the employers to reach more people.

3. Recruitment companies

Recruitment companies like these market leaders are another main recruiting ground for top brands in the digital marketing industry. The recruitment companies are especially very popular in the UK, where they are used by employers to guarantee that they land the best job candidates. The great thing about these companies is that they conduct the whole recruitment process on behalf of the employer – advertising the position, receiving applications, short-listing qualified candidates, vetting the candidates, and interviewing them. And since the companies are paid when the vacant position has been filled, the employees who are recruited through this process are very qualified.

4. Industry networking events

Another way big brands recruit the top digital marketing talent is through industry networking events. This method is mostly reserved for passive job seekers or new graduates who are active in industry events. It is a very effective method of finding the best talent since only qualified professionals and job seekers who are dedicated to their chosen career attend these events. The recruitment can be done in person by the employer after meeting with the qualified professionals/job seekers, or by using recruiters.


Recruiting the best talent in the market is vital to ensuring that your business is successful, and this is something that most top brands in the digital marketing industry understand. As a result, they invest many resources towards various digital media staff recruitment methods, which help to ensure that they land the best talent. The methods mentioned above are some of the top way used by big brands to recruit their staff, and you can use them in your business to guarantee that you hire the best talent. 

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