Careers In Demand

Your education is an investment of your time and your money. Whether it’s a six week program or a four year degree, you took time to learn a new skill so you could succeed in the workforce. After all that time, money, and energy, the last thing you want is to end up unemployed, or have a hard time finding a job.

If you want to invest in a career that you know will succeed, take a look at the following list. Each one of these jobs is in demand, and the demand is expected to stay the same, or dramatically increase, within the next decade.

Home Health Aide

As care for the elderly changes, home health aides are in top demand. This is a job position expected to grow by 38% by 2024 since more people are opting for in-home care for an elderly relative. A home health aide typically holds a Nursing Assistant certification, and they help elderly or disabled individuals around the house–cleaning, administering medication, bathing, and providing companionship for the client. Training is usually only a few weeks, and the constant opportunity for work makes this job the perfect choice for some.


By 2024, it’s estimated that there will be 39,100 new mechanic jobs. Valuable to car repair shops, private companies, and more, anyone with training and experience as a mechanic won’t lack for a job. You can get an ASE Automotive Degree in Jamaica, NY, since a degree will help you get better jobs, faster. If you love working with engines, a career as a mechanic could be the perfect choice for you.


The world won’t ever stop needing nurses. A job that will be in demand no matter what, nurses make a good wage and have a variety of career options. As a nurse, you could work in ER or Pediatric Care, choosing your career path based on what you excel at in the medical field. Life as a nurse will never be boring, and most nurses need a degree of toughness to get through their shifts. Accredited online nursing programs make it easier than ever to obtain a nursing degree and join this valuable field.

Physical Therapist

Another job in high demand, physical therapy jobs are expected to increase within the next decade. Similar to a nurse, a physical therapist makes a good wage and gets to work in the medical field, but a physical therapist can hold a more regular schedule. Daytime appointments with clients allow physical therapists the opportunity to chat with, encourage, and assist their patients as they help them recover from an injury or physical condition.

Software Engineer

Careers In Demand

As the world of business shifts to the internet, software engineers remain one of the most valuable professions in a company. Making more than most nurses and physical therapists, software engineers work on coding for websites and solve system bugs. Software engineers can expect to get obtain good jobs and receive a good wage, almost immediately upon graduating. If you’re good with numbers and like a good puzzle, software engineering might be for you. The career is also a highly lucrative one, with the average salary for a software engineer earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cities.

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