Cloud Based Services Are On The Rise Internationally

Media is no longer being consumed the way it was even ten years ago. With cloud-based service providers expanding and going global, it seems any two or more people can connect across borders with the click of a button. Not only that, they can watch their favourite television shows, take in the news, even collaborate on international projects through shared platforms. The cloud has revolutionized both the ways in which people work and relax. The process of setting up a cloud-based service internationally however is a much more involves process.

When media moguls like Facebook or YouTube choose to expand, the first thing they need is an IT infrastructure put in place locally in the new country. This will allow them to transmit the quality of signal they need in order to offer comprehensive and reliable services. Ensuring these necessary technologies reach them in a timely and compliant way however isn’t always guaranteed. It’s challenging for the service provider because much is riding on their keeping customers and consumers satisfied. Much is also riding on the technology reseller leasing these clients the equipment because the pressure and responsibility of securing clearance is on them. The Importer of Record experts at point out that cross-border transactions can be complex, particularly when dealing with sensitive goods such as computer software, which is why it pays to know which countries your package will be travelling through and what documents are necessary.

Cloud Based Services Are On The Rise Internationally

Even highly skilled logistics experts have difficulty understanding the nuances of import law, particularly if they’re looking to ship to multiple foreign countries as the customs rules and regulations differ from one place to another. A reseller must prepare a great deal of documentation to accompany the shipment including a commercial invoice, freight delivery waybill, as well as various permits, licences, and certifications. Not only can this become exhausting and take a reseller’s attention away from revenue building initiatives, it can also cause issues and costly delays with clearance should there be . mistakes in the paperwork

Prevent these essential shipments from being held at the border by partnering with a global distributions partner, an expert in imports like TecEx. Not only do they promise compliant clearance within 10 days of approving your quote, they offer this in over 120 countries where they have a point of presence. They can even . retrieve import taxes
from 40 of these countries just six months after the shipment is approved. What’s more is they confirm that your documents are all filled out correctly before shipping and can even apply on your behalf for various permits. Between their best lead times and their hands-on service that ensures your shipment reaches its destination quickly and securely, your experience with this importer is sure to be a satisfactory one.

When cloud-based service providers overseas are relying on your technologies to do business, it’s imperative that you enlist help to guarantee efficient clearance at customs. With so much of the world’s population expecting content on demand, the margin for error is small. With an Importer of Record on your side, you’ll be able to deliver the goods free of hassle, at a speed that matches the calibre of service you intend to offer.

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