Filipino Maid- Giving More Help Than Required

From a far distance, the Philippines which lies in Singapore has 7 million people with a population of 140000 Filipinos. Among the many works who go to try their luck in Singapore are women and majority of them are seeking domestic jobs. In fact, the local population calls them feiyungs’ which means maids. After settling down, they dominate the population and start living a normal life thinking that there is some hope in the country.

What makes them unique?

Wherever Filipinos go there is something that is unique about them that makes them rooted to their land and remain faithful to God. This is because Philippines is one of the top catholic countries in the world. No matter how far they are from their countries, Filipinos always practice their religion. In Singapore, for instance, there are Protestants but the Romans Catholics are the majority in the country. This means that every worship day the churches are filled with Filipinos Christians and the mass is carried out in the official Philippines language.

Filipino Maid- Giving More Help Than Required

These maids are often granted one day off very week. For all the catholic maids, that day must be a Sunday, a day or relaxation and praise for Christians. After attending the church mass together, they gather in one major spot in Singapore where they are caught chatting, singing and sharing meals. Luckily, the government also supports these Sunday activities. Seeing the need for peace and privacy the government often closes the roads leading to most of these spots for at least 10 hours until the ceremonies are over. This means, for a Filipino maid, life goes on wherever you are. No matter what risks are involved as long as it is for the betterment of everyone future, there is no problem.

Common Filipino maid problems

Filipino maid is also termed as Filipino domestic workers. The more experienced maids are called transfer maids. Apparently, in Singapore you are always very much frustrated when you do not have one and you are equally frustrated if you get one. This happens to both new and old maids. Many Filipino maids’ problems come from lack of a communication dialect. This is especially true if the maid is poor in English or has a difficulty in understanding what you want them to do.

Also, a Filipino maid may also suffer from character flaw or an attitude problem. This is possible despite your effort in screening them or hiring from a professional maid agency in Singapore. The maid may change her mind about working for you after she has been hired. Since she does not know what to do like other maids she may go ahead and spoil the show so that you can fire her. In that instance, you are the one who does not want her and not the other way round. The maid can also fall sick or worse still get pregnant. In fact, some of the even run away without any proper reason of doing that.

Final thoughts

Although Filipino maids are among the best all over the world, just like other maids, they are likely to give you a lot of problems. However, the more you treat them well the more they take their work seriously. Above all, do not forget to respect their faith and treat them with a lot of care.

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