Government Jobs Don’t Pay Well Still People Prefer Government Jobs

Today’s young generation find the private sector job as the better one but still there are people from small cities or villages who prefer government jobs. Private sector and government sector both have their own different advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some of the reasons why still people prefer government jobs

Salary– Many government jobs don’t offer good pay package but still people prefer government jobs as they get the salary every month. They don’t have to worry about their salary. In private sector if the company stops making profit the salary also stops. In government sector whatever be the performance the increment is final but in private sector increment depends upon the ratings and the reviews.

Lots of Allowances and benefits– Government jobs don’t offer good pay but there are lots of allowances and benefits which private sector don’t offer. Accommodation facilities, Transport Allowance, Children’s education concession, Paid Holiday Allowance, Medical Allowance are some of the allowances which government employees get. Some private sector do offer their employees facility but not for all level employees. But in government sector they offer the facilities to all level employees from the start. Even government employees get the free medical checkup from their government hospitals or treatment in lesser amount.

Job Security– This is one of the top reason why people prefer government jobs. In private sector the job is not secured also not all companies make the employee permanent they have their own rules. Also if the performance is not good the employee is fired from the job. This all doesn’t happen in government job.

Government Jobs Don't Pay Well Still People Prefer Government Jobs

Pension– Even after retirement government employee lives a peaceful life due to the good amount of pension and that also till death. Not all the private sector offers the pension facility. If a government employee takes VRS (Voluntary Retirement Service) then he gets all the salary upto the retirement plus pension also. This is not possible in private sector.

Working hours– Government sector have a fixed working hours people work as per the timing only. They have a peace of mind while working. But in private sector there is no fixed working hour’s people have to 10-12 hours. Mentally physically they get tired. Due to more working hours in private sector they have more stress more tension this also affects the health.

Time for fulfilling ambition – As the government jobs are less stressful as well as less working hours. After their office timing they have quite some time to fulfill their ambition or do some other activities. It’s impossible for private sector employees to do other activities after office hours.

Accommodation facility– Not every private sector employee get the accommodation facility. Many government employees stay in government quarters till their retirement. Easy accessibility to their office and staying in the city circle is one of the reason people staying in government quarters.

Lots of holidays– Government employees get all the government declared holidays which private sectors don’t get. Also most of the government sector has five days working means Saturday Sunday off. A government employee enjoys more holidays than private sector. Also in private sector for a leave employee has to request his boss but in government sector they have lots of Causal Leave, Dearness Leave so no worry about the leave.

So decide what best suits for you government sector or private sector. Getting a job in government sector is tough due to high competition and difficult entrance exam but a private sector job comes with just an interview or sometimes with a written test.

Although there are number of job portals but I would recommend SureJob for government recruitment because of the daily updates & frequent career tips that help in written exams & interview. I hope the above reasons will drive you towards the government sector only.

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