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How Much Does It Cost To Replace Your Roof?

Roofs are an important part of our homes. They protect us from severe weather such as snow, rain, and hail. With the passage of time, roofs require steady maintenance. This process consists of the following:

  1. Old roofing is removed
  2. Wooden construction is fixed or replaced
  3. Ice dam protection is installed
  4. Roof paper is laid down
  5. Metal drip edging is applied
  6. Flashing is applied
  7. Ridge vent is installed

Upon the installation of the ridge vent, the roof replacement is done. Next, we’ll dive into the cost of roof replacement…

Typically, roof replacement costs range from $4,000 to $15,000. In order to better understand the calculation process of NJ roof replacement, you must know some basic roofing terminology. For example, the term “square” represents area units. One square equals one hundred square feet. Shingles are usually sold in bundles. Typically, one bundle can cover 1/3 of a square. Knowing this, you will need three of four bundles to cover a square.

Here are some of the different prices per square of different types of roofing materials

  1. Asphalt shingles (most common roofing material)-$100-$150 per square, $40 per bundle
  2. Metal shingles (corrugated or standing seam)-$450-$1,800-known for their durability
  3. Clay tile-$500-$800 per square, $200-280 per bundle
  4.  Cedar/Wood roofing-$470-$500 per square, $160 per bundle
  5. Synthetic slate- $240-$300, $80-110 per bundle

In order to calculate the cost of your roof replacement, you will need to know the size of their roof. Roof size is not the same as the square footage of a house. Also, you will need to know the pitch of their roof. If a roof has multiple pitches, each section must be calculated separately. For example, the average size of a roof is 2,400 square feet. As mentioned, one square equals one hundred square feet. Upon dividing one square by the number of square feet of the roof, you can come to the conclusion that 24 squares are needed for 2,400 square feet.

In order to calculate roof pitch, you must go through the following process.

A pencil, eighteen or twenty-five-inch level, and measuring tape are needed:

  1. Place the level at the roof rafter
  2. Adjust the level until the bubble is centered
  3. Put the tape and the end of the level and as close to the rafter as possible
  4. Measure twelve inches and make a mark
  5. Measure the distance from the underside of the roof deck to your mark from directly above it

If the measure is up to three inches, the pitch of your roof is low. If it is about 6 inches, your roof is a medium pitch. If it is seven to twelve inches, the roof is a high pitch.

To approximate the area of your roof for low pitch, multiply the ground level by 1.06, then multiply that number again by 1.08. For medium pitch, use 1.12 and 1.25 and 1.30, 1.42 for high. For example, if house ground area is 24 squares and it has a low pitch, the calculation will be (241.06) X 1.08. This equals 27,4752. If you want to use asphalt shingles that are priced at $100 per square on your 28 square roof (27,4752 rounded is 28), then you will have to pay $2,800 for it.

Other costs

Ultimately, roof costs are based on many factors. For example, when a roofer gives an estimate price, they check the pitch of the roof and how many layers of shingles a house already has. They also inspect flashings and chimneys. Ridge vents should also be changed. All of these crucial factors are taken into consideration when giving an estimate.

Which brand to choose?

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