Simplify Your Photography Business In Singapore With The Help Of An App

When it comes to promoting or marketing a photography business, word of mouth plays a major role, especially in Singapore.  Photography business can be found everywhere in this city and the only thing that can set your photography business apart is a good client referral.

So, how is this achievable? Well, all you need is a mobile app to market your brand.

As a photographer, you probably already display your images to friends and family using your smartphone or tablet. In fact, you probably even use your smart devices to share videos and memes of all kinds. The point here is that you are already using your smartphone/tablet to promote things. You are just not using it for your business.

Customized Apps

It might seem impossible, but, you can have a customized app for your business. It will make your life easier and even promote your brand. There is a lot you can do with a customized app. For starters, you can ask the developer to incorporate an album feature.

This feature will allow you to display clicked images to your clients. Your clients will not have to waste their time going through e-mails or blogs to find their images. With this kind of advantage, clients will be eager to share their photos with loved ones and by doing so, they will end up marketing your business as well.Simplify Your Photography Business In Singapore With The Help Of An App

However, do pay attention to how you use the app in your sales process. Are you offering it as an end product that can be included in an order? Are you giving it out as an incentive for purchasing print packages? Is it only available with the digital package?

Whatever you do, just make sure you have a mobile app to offer. Customers, today, completely rely on mobile apps. So, leverage it towards boosting your business.

There are hundreds of ways in which you can use a mobile app to increase customer response. You do not have to limit them to just displaying or sharing images. You can turn them into one-stop shops that do more than offer end to end services.

Here are a few ideas about what you can do with a mobile app for your photography business.

Showcase Your Products

You can develop an app that displays all the products you offer as a photographer. This could include various sized prints, frames, albums, magnets, standouts, and so on. Your printing lab will, likely, have stock marketing images, which, can be used for this purpose.

When you meet your clients, you can use your tablet or phone to show them the various options available. The app will make it much easier for you to answer questions and clearing out doubts. This can be very handy if you do not have an actual sample to show your clients.

If your clients prefer to order the products online, you can ask them to download the app and preview their orders instantly. You do not have to make them wait till you send out an e-mail. Plus, the mobility factor will let them view your products from any location.


Mobile apps help with customer engagement more than any other digital tool. For instance, you can send out promotional items such as e-cards or e-greetings to your clients on important dates. You can use your app to generate a client’s recent photo session or share a slide about holiday offers or upcoming events. You can even send out a personalized thank you note for their loyalty or a coupon for sessions in the near future.

Also, remember that too much promotion can be a problem. Customers hate ads on their apps. Focus on creating a sense of excitement about viewing the photo session on the app. Let the marketing aspect take second place.

Mobile Portfolio

As a photographer, you are bound to visit multiple locations and do a little photography now and then. With an app, you can create a traveling portfolio of sorts. The images can be uploaded and shared via the app. This will help you get noticed and show your skills.

You can make these images available for viewing via your app. Customers will be able to take a look at anytime and anywhere. This will give them a first-hand idea of what your photography skills are like.

So, does the idea of an app for your photography business sound good? Well, stop wasting time and get in touch with an app developer. Mobile app development in Singapore is a major business and there are plenty of reliable app developers here who can help you out.

plenty of reliable app developers here who can help you out.

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