Women Empowerment and The Australians Crowned As Miss Universe

Miss Universe is the most prestigious and sought-after beauty pageant in the world. This pageant aims to empower women, to motivate and inspire to become mover for the better of their society, and to make them realize their full potentials. Miss Universe, being a beauty pageant first and foremost, also aims to identify women who are not only beautiful on the outside but the inside as well. Simply put, the pageant is after women who have the complete package – beauty, brains, and heart.

Women Empowerment and The Australians Crowned As Miss Universe

Many countries take Miss Universe seriously, making sure they send the most beautiful, intelligent, and kind-hearted representatives. It is not uncommon for Australian contestants to undergo acne scar removal Sydney, fitness regimens, and other related therapies to achieve the looks they want. In some point, contestants bring with them their country’s pride and honor. Because of this, Miss Universe has become one of the most-watched beauty pageant presentations in the world. Australia is one of the countries that are very passionate about the Miss Universe. In fact, the country has produced two Miss Universe winners – Kerry Anne Wells and Jennifer Hawkins.

Kerry Anne Wells became the first Australian to win the Miss Universe title in 1972. The 1972 edition of the pageant was the first one to be held outside the United States; the pageant was held in Puerto Rico. Bringing honor and pride to the country, Wells became an instant celebrity. This lady from East Victoria Park in Western Australia has had a very successful life even after her stint as Miss Universe. Prior to becoming Miss Universe 1972, Wells worked as a weathergirl. After her reign as Miss Universe, Wells decided to continue her career in the broadcast media industry, this time as a news anchor. Today, Wells works in the fashion industry, having a successful career as a topnotch fashion designer, writer, and commentator. She is a known advocate of realistic body image and self-esteem. She is likewise known for being involved in a healthy lifestyle program geared towards Australian schools. The program is called “BodyThink”.

Jennifer Hawkins is definitely one of the more famous Australian beauty queens of today. After 32 years since Wells was crowned Miss Universe, Australia again bagged the elusive Miss Universe crown in 2004. Hawkins stood out among pool of stunning and smart women in the contest, getting the Miss Universe crown in Ecuador. After her reign, she became very active in the fashion and entertainment industries. Since then, she became Australia’s face of major brands including Myer, Lux, Lovable Australia, and Covergirl makeup. She also has a successful career as a television presenter. Being one of the most popular and trusted beauty queens in Australia, she was named as the host of popular reality television program in Australia, “Australia’s Next Top Model”. According to Australian media outlets, Hawkins maintains a positive public reception. She is married to her long-time boyfriend, Jake Wall.

Miss Universe and other international beauty pageants are not exempted from the discriminating eyes of feminists who dismiss these pageants’ principles and ideologies. Critics say that beauty pageants degrade the value of women, putting them in position that make them materials for seduction – putting emphasis on beauty rather than other more important qualities of women. Shallow are beauty pageants as contented by critics. However, in the recent years, international beauty pageants place contestants in much more empowering positions – making them icons of hope, women empowerment, equality, and benevolence. It is common for beauty pageant organizations to require contestants to participate in projects that aim to provide help to people living in poverty, assist communities struck by natural disasters, and promote women empowerment. It could be said that beauty pageants today are a far cry from those in the past couple of decades.

If you want to become a beauty queen, undergoing acne scar removal Sydney and making sure you have a fit body may not be enough for you to win the crown. Aside from beauty, you should also have the brains and most important of all – the heart to help others.

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