Tips on How to Study While Working Full Time

Many people don’t have the opportunity to continue their education when they just finish high school. Their parents don’t have money to pay for their college and they opt to work full time to save money. When they have saved some money, they think of going back to school. It is difficult to have to manage working a full time job and studying for a course at the same time. 

Create a Timetable to Juggle Between Work and Studies

Since you have to work, you must make sure that your studies do not interfere with your job performance. You can create a timetable and set aside the time for doing studies. Your online college course may include access to webinars. If the webinar is hosted at the office hours, you can record it with a screen recorder like Movavi Screen Recorder so that you can watch it after returning home from work. You can learn how to record a webinar in a few simple steps. First, you draw a frame over the webinar video you want to record. After that, check the audio button to enable speaker recording and press the REC button to start recording. 

Relax Yourself When Studying

It is important to not be panic and rush yourself into reading as much information as possible on the text book just because you have little time set aside for studying. Take it easy – if you rush reading, there is a high chance that you will not remember what you read. It is normal to lose concentration after studying for a while. If you find yourself deviating your attention from the text book, it means it is time to take a break and walk around to relax yourself. The break will reenergize you and allows you to refocus again on your textbook.

Don’t Get Overloaded with Extra Assignment

If your boss ask you to take on more tasks, you should politely say no. It is a smart decision knowing that you will be overloaded since you also have your studies to manage. If you find your boss giving new assignment as soon as you finish the old ones, then you should plan to not finish your assignment as soon as you can. Instead, just make sure you submit the work before the deadline. If you do too many assignments, you will become exhausted and not be in the mood to attend a lecture.

Take Notes with You to Study Wherever You Go

During the lecture, take a pen and paper or use your iPhone to jot down the important points of what the instructor says. Sometimes, the instructor will also give important notes on the exam. You only need to study the notes to prepare for the exam. It is much faster to review the notes compared to reading the textbook. You can study the notes your instructor gives you during lunch break, in a traffic jam, and etc.

Sacrifice Your Favorite Habit to Study

To complete your course with flying colors, you will have to be willing to sacrifice your time to study. For example, if you have a habit of sitting in front of the TV after dinner, you can sacrifice this habit and use the time instead to study. Or, you can persuade yourself to only watch TV after finishing your studies for the day.

Don’t Try to Study the Whole Textbook at One Time

When studying, don’t put too much stress yourself to finish the entire textbook at one time. Instead, divide your reading by setting a goal. For example, you can set a goal to read a certain number of pages in a specific time period. You will find that it is hard to absorb what you read when you try to read too much information in your textbook at a time. It will give you a sense of achievement when you follow up on the studying goals that you set.

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