Top Tips For Setting Up Your Roller Banner

Many companies nowadays use roller banners for their marketing campaigns. With the right usage, your business can benefit from such banners as a cost-effective tool. If you have decided to use roller banners, stick to quality products for the best value. Streamline the process using the following handy tips.

Top Tips For Setting Up Your Roller Banner

  • Simplify your Message. Be careful in choosing the text for your banner. Some people tend to put too many words in it so that they won’t miss important information, but what it tends to do is drive customers away because they find it too long to read. Carefully craft your words by making them catchy. Keep the message short and sweet.
  • Go with Great Graphics. Consider outsourcing the graphic design in case you don’t know much about it. Professionals know how to lay out the right designs especially on promotional materials. Most companies that specialize in printing roller banners offer design services so that won’t be much of a problem. Simply make your own input, provide your logo, etc. 
  • Have the Right Location. Make sure your banner is seen by everyone. Its purpose is to catch people’s attention, so it has to be seen from a good distance.
  • Keep it Fresh. If you are using your roller banner in your shop, make sure the content is fresh. You can go for roller banners with interchangeable graphics. People will be delighted to see new displays, and that includes new content for your banner.
  • Include Your Contact Details. If you place your banner in a place outside your own business, do not forget to include your contact information. Include your social media pages as well. This will avoid missing any important prospective customers.
  • Review Your Banner. Make sure you have checked your roller banner before it is printed. Check grammatical errors, or errors in the contact numbers. After using it and before making a new design, plan what you wish to see on your next banner. You may also ask for friends’ suggestions.
  • Use Quality Images. The images you choose should be relevant, catchy and high quality, such as those used by Be careful not to add too many images, even just one will do. Do not use the same images you use on your other promotional materials because they will lose their impact.

Roller banners should be treated like your other marketing tools. Like any of your advertisements, let creative minds think of what it should look like. It needs your utmost attention, so take time to sit and discuss it with your team. Brainstorm ideas and do not be afraid to conceptualize new ideas. Still, your end goal is boosting your business and creating sales, so don’t be afraid to think out of the box and make an effort to carefully plan your roller banner.

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