Ways To Throw A Great Company Party Without Going Broke

If you want a successful company, then you will have to show your employees that when you are all hard at work, the company means business; but when it is time to let go and to party, the company will be able to show the employees a good time. Throwing a good company party does not always include a large budget, and there are many ideas that can be used in order to stay within a well balanced budget. Furthermore, it is important that you plan company parties out ahead so that you do not get a surprise when you get handed the bill.

Remember to be realistic and that because you enjoy one type of fun, it will not be fun for everyone, it is needed that you take different tastes into account when planning a good company party.

Party During the Daytime

Not only will it be more beneficial for the employees to hold the party during daytime when they should be working, but it will be better for the company’s budget; you will not have to invite their immediate family, which means that you will only have to pay for the drinks and food the employees will have.

Furthermore, having a lunch at a hotel or at a nice restaurant is an excellent way to show that you care about your employees. The rest of the staff can also take the day off, so that they can enjoy themselves on a free day. For employees, a day off will mean a lot, especially if they do not have to hire a last-minute babysitter, also they will not have to drive long distances to get to a specific location.

Ways To Throw A Great Company Party Without Going Broke

Make the Party Interesting

Even if the event is a simple lunch for your employees it does not mean that you cannot have some fun, and a little bit of team-building spirit. If there is a possibility to have a conference room reserved for activities, it would be a great idea to include games and fun activities too. The simplest and most entertaining games will be more than interesting for any employee; karaoke is the best way to have fun and maybe even discover a star.

Moreover, you will not have think about “grown up” games, go back to your childhood and think about the games you most enjoyed, chances are your fellow employees will love to play them now too.

Hire Entertainment

If it is possible, really take your employees back to their younger years by hiring a jumping castle; a bouncing castle for adults. As silly as it may sound, this will be very entertaining no matter what your age is. And to show that people should not be ashamed of enjoying bouncy castles, make sure that management gets the first go, to show team spirit.

Be Creative

Coming up with a clever event might save you some money on renting a place or on food and drinks as you can combine many services to find the best for your company party as long as it can stay within your budget. Moreover, try to organize a company party when everyone has some free time as it will be better for the employees to enjoy themselves than to think about their chores.

Prepare a Small Gift

Do not force your employees to come just because it is mandatory; show them that you are indeed happy that they could join you. Prepare little goodie bags with something small and meaningful, as you will not have to pay a lot for the goodies. The idea is to say “thank you” to the employees who did come.

Make it Count

Do not just throw a part for party’s sake; make it meaningful so that your employees will feel that it is for them and not just to appeal to them. Make sure that your employees also understand that in tough economic crises it is important to work together and to squander money away. There are catering services that will offer great deals on food and drinks which almost anyone can enjoy. And if you organize the party in honor of a certain event or holiday, even better.