7 Types of Professionals that You Can Hire as Freelancers

If you didn’t already have your eyes on the gig economy, now is the time to look. In a country full of skilled labor like the Philippines—where English language literacy rates are at 94% and fluency rates are at 70%—the globalized and highly competitive sector of freelancers is growing. PayPal’s 2018 Global Freelancer Insights Reports, one of the most comprehensive surveys on freelancing trends, cites the Philippines’ biggest patrons for freelancing gigs as the United States (comprising 60% of the demand), Australia (29%), the United Kingdom (26%), and Canada (20%).

Certain types of work have thrived on freelance arrangements, thus enabling the rise of a different class of independent contractors. Who are these fresh new talents, what do they specialize in, and what makes them great at the work they’ll do for you?  For employers who have gaps to fill, come and find freelance workers in the Philippines under the following job designations—and secure both world-class talent and value for your money!

  1. Data entry specialists. Accurate and well-managed databases are essential to any company, but the task of data entry and management can be tiresome to do in-house. Luckily, there’s a very rich talent pool of data entry specialists in the Philippines. Many of these enterprising individuals have both online and traditional 9-to-5 job experience as clerks, are fast typists, and are well-acquainted with the programs needed to facilitate data entry.
  2. Virtual assistants. Virtual assistance is another type of job that Filipino freelancers are excelling in. They have a cultural mindset that is very hospitable and communitarian, and this pairs well with updated knowledge of applications for calendaring, appointment booking, day-to-day task management, and the like. A Filipino virtual assistant would make a dream partner and aide to any employer, even on a remote basis.
  3. Content writers. If you own web properties that need a high volume of written content to take off, then you can hire a freelance content writer from the Philippines to help you. Their English proficiency, creativity, and passion for knowledge will translate to high quality content for your blog, ecommerce site, or company website.
  4. Social media managers. Social media savviness is almost a prerequisite for doing well in freelance work. Fortunately, many Filipino freelancers possess advanced skills with the biggest social media platforms out there. Hire a freelancer to manage your company’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, and they can help you boost your visibility and brand equity.
  5. Graphic designers. A strong brand identity and a good grasp of visual language can contribute much to a company’s value. And what better way to increase this than to hire your own graphic designer? Even graphic artists just working their way up the freelance ladder may already boast a high level of personal talent, mastery of the latest design applications, and sensitivity for their audience. Partner with one to give your marketing assets a distinct look and feel.
  6. Web developers. Even in a world where social media seems to rule, there is no proper replacement for your own website. Customers can judge your entire business based on your website’s design, functionality, and its overall user experience. The best way to make a good impression—and thus, get a conversion—is to hire a web developer who can help you with coding, UI/UX, and other important aspects of web development. Many a Filipino web developer is ready to take on the job.
  7. Translators. Most Filipinos are bilingual or trilingual by default, and a solid number of them are now monetizing their language skills by doing freelance translation work. If your business seeks entry into the Philippine market and needs additional fine-tuning of content for a Filipino audience, hiring a translator will go a long way.

This list serves as a mere briefer on the possibilities of the gig economy, which is always changing and evolving. New technologies may develop and the needs of global customers may change, but the talented people in the freelance sector are in no danger of becoming obsolete. Work with a freelancer on your next big project, and be surprised about all that you can achieve!

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