Motivating The Demotivated At Work: Managing Your Employees!

Do you like your job really?

A questioned asked from a zillion employees across the globe, yet answered in the positive by only a few. It’s true to quite an extent that motivation at work directly affects the productivity levels, but there are other aspects one needs to consider as well. Be it the employee morale that your workforce holds, or the level of satisfaction that they work with, constraints might differ from workplace to workplace.

A study organized in 2013 shows that nearly half of the world’s employees don’t feel the tinge of love for their jobs. It sure does indicate an awful load of constraints you surely haven’t pondered over. The prime one being- demotivation amongst your employees. Hence, here are a few ways to make the tide go in your favor and motivate your workers for the highest levels of productivity.

Motivating The Demotivated At Work: Managing Your Employees!

A Complete Cut-off from Micromanagement

Although, it’ really great that you are keeping a close check on all the work your employees put efforts in. It sure does make them feel supported and efficient in terms of every operation you’ve been supervising, but is it in their long term benefit?

Think about the fact that this might also lead them to doubt their expertise and think on lines how you don’t entrust them with critical tasks, hence high levels of demotivation. Plus, you might as well render them helpless while solving work problems the moment you aren’t around. Think realistically and make them strong enough to handle trivial issues that don’t need your presence. This is what makes them hungry to search for motivation at workplace.

Be an Efficient Communicator

What motivation do you think our volunteers will derive out of you presence, if it’s not more than a name on the mail or a signature on the appraisal letter. Giving monetary benefits sure do count, but communicating your ideas and long term vision for the organization counts as well. Your employees need to feel the fact that they are valued and their grievances are being heard frequently.

Here lies the importance of business communication and the need to have more one-on-ones with your employees. Communicating with them on a daily basis shows how much you’re appreciating their efforts and hard work.

Strategize to Empower Them

The highest modicum of productivity at work juices out the instance your workforce comes to know of the potential they hold and the importance of their job role as well. If possible, try taking their suggestions and inputs on boosting the work efficiency. Most employees have numerous thoughts and ideas over bettering the work environment around them and making it way more compatible to include every kind of worker, but they share only when specifically asked about it.

Discuss their improvements, take advices that are tangible and get the same implemented at the earliest. Giving them some authority one in a while for sure won’t take the ball out of your court.

Give Ample Time to Relax

Most of the times fatigue seems as the prime reason for workforce demotivation, even in the biggest of global corporations. What your employees require during such situations are ample chances to relax and take a break from all those targets and numbers. For instance, a plenty of companies around the globe have come up with the concept of ‘quick nap’ rooms, where employees are allowed to catch a quick snooze for 15 minutes and resume with their work related chores later. Not only does this give them all the space to work according to their own comfort, but ample time to work on different alternatives as well.

Tips are endless to list when it comes to employee motivation. However, the above mentioned ones will always keep you amongst the good books of your employees.

Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitterand Google+.

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